Aleppo Liquid Laurel Soap With Oils ( Almond Oil ) (702) - Lorbeer olive oil laurel organic bio

Aleppo Liquid Laurel Soap With Oils ( Almond Oil ) (702)

7- Liquid laurel Soap For Hair & skin with other oils (special care): Aleppo Liquid Laurel Soap With Oils ( Almond Oil ) (702)

Natural 100%
Almond oil
Strengthens hair, protects it from falling and renders it with
Natural brightness and elegance. It helps in increasing the moisture of the skins outer layer , smoothens it and assists in treating freckles and black heads.

The liquid laurel soap (Bio Shampoo):


It's a soap made from olive and laurel oils along with manufactured raw materials; however, the production method is different for the shampoo because it will be left in the liquid form instead of being left to harden.


 What are the advantages and distinct characteristics of the liquid laurel soap from that of chemical shampoos:


1-The liquid laurel soap is made from natural materials and not chemicals (except for the aromatic oils which is merely 1%).
These oils are olive, laurel and a few amount of other oils (enhancers) which are left as secret recipes.
To make sure that these oils are natural, you will feel a difference in its use because it will cause
your skin to feel dry so your hands will not feel slippery on the skin as they will with shampoo (due to the cleansing of the skin).

2-It has a low foaming capacity at the beginning of the shower because it doesn't contain sulfate laurel sodium (SLS) which causes foam; this chemical is dangerous for human safety and health. Later on, the foam becomes natural because the oils are removed. Some researches in the US proved that it's carcinogenic in addition to that the sulfate laurel sodium (SLS) is used in production of all detergents .

3- It naturally feeds hair and skin efficiently and actively which may lead to felt hair for some people with naturally dry hair because the oils on the hairs are being removed therefore the hairs will stick to each other; however, this will be temporary and the hair will return to its original condition after several times of using the laurel shampoo. This problem can be solved by brushing the hair immediately after drying.

4-It will skim the fats from the scalp which passes the nutrients to hair follicles
How are the oils skimmed off the scalp and what is the substance which is causing the hair to stick to each other?

The level of the acidity or alkalinity (pH) in any shampoo is mostly 7.5. In the case of children’s shampoo, it is 5.5. For liquid laurel soap, it is 9.5, and for drinking water, it is 7.4.  This indicates that the effectiveness of regular shampoo is the same as that of water and not more. When the water enters the skin it refreshes it however, the other shampoos may build up in the skin and body which is harmful and poisonous to the body. The pH of the scalp is acidic and the liquid laurel is alkaline; this aids in the removal of oils from the scalp.
This allows the nutrients and oxygen to pass through the hair follicles thus refreshing it and causing the hairs to stick to each other because of the lack of oils. This can be solved by brushing the hair immediately after drying it or using conditioner after the round of shampoo.
After using the shampoo for two weeks, the hair will adapt to it as the change from using chemicals to natural substances needs some time for adaptation.

5-The color and viscosity of the liquid may change according to the type of olive oil used , however the liquid efficiency  will not change by remains steady and the quality of  olive oil and laurel will vary  according to the planted land and it's not steady as in chemical substances.

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باركود التركيب وزن القطعة عدد القطع في الصندوق الوزن القائم للصندوق الأبعاد


Olive Oil,Laurel Oil , Almond Oil,Other Oils,Water.

250 ml


7.20 kg

36.5 x 20 x 20