Lorbeer olive oil laurel organic bio

About us

About our company

Our company was established on 8
th of May 2007 under the founder                                                           Mr. AYMAN MACHANTAT.

The main goal of the company was to produce unique ideal products. The company uses 100% natural olive and Laurel oils in the production of its products. In obtaining these oils, the company searches for those with the highest quality in order to benefit the hair and skin. The company strives to achieve superiority in complete truth and loyalty to its customers. 

I.R./189/ ALEPPO CITY   /2007/     C.R. /70978/

·The advantages and benefits of Laurel soap  :


1- Lorbeer company seeks to select the best quality oils from olive and laurel oils and other oils and it never uses the non original oils such as lettuce and cucumber oils

2-It introduces scientific methods in soap production where the pH is reduced as much as possible

3-Adopting high level of hygiene system   in production

4-Introducing new industrial methods in forming new shapes and molds of soap

5-Using the good smell perfumes in soap

6-Credibility in production where the content is matching to the ingredients written on the outer package

7-The prices are well studied and reasonable based on content

8- We promise ourselves and promise you to development towards the best in all aspects