Traditional LORBEER Aleppo soap (102) B - Lorbeer olive oil laurel organic bio

Traditional LORBEER Aleppo soap (102) B

1- Traditional Aleppo Laurel Soap: Traditional LORBEER Aleppo soap (102) B

Lorbeer Aleppo Soap
.Natural Care For Hair & Skin . All Our Products have non chemical or coloring materials

 100% Organic soap, Bio soap
The Industry of laurel Aleppo soap is one of the most important, oldest   industries in Aleppo city about 1000 years and successful,This Soap which is hand-made, nourishes both  the hair and skin very well because it is made of pure natural materials.
One of its consisting is
olive oil which has been classified long ago as one of the best nourishing and cleaning agents of both the hair and the body
Another consisting is
laurel oil which was once used as a disinfectant and sterilizing agent in surgical operations; and which has a sweet smell , as well....

Note: If you have a dry hair, you should brush immediately after the shower or use conditioner.
 Lorbeer Aleppo Soap
Olive oil soap
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باركود التركيب وزن القطعة عدد القطع في الصندوق الوزن القائم للصندوق الأبعاد


100% Olive Oil

185 ± g e


14 kg

25 x 25.5 x 37