Castle with Clay (425) - Lorbeer olive oil laurel organic bio

Castle with Clay (425)

 4 Olive oil soap with other oils (bio / organic): Castle with Clay (425)


Lorbeer soap with 25% Aleppo Clay

The man has been created from clay

The two scientists Ibn Sina (Avicenna)  and Al'Razi have mentioned the great advantages of Aleppo clay (Beloun) on hair and skin, as it contains iron oxide, magnesium and calcium, therefore it nourishes the hair and the skin in a very useful way.

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باركود التركيب وزن القطعة عدد القطع في الصندوق الوزن القائم للصندوق الأبعاد


8% Sesame Oil, 5% Laurel Oil, 85 Olive Oil, 2% Fragrances Oils

125 g e



41.5 x 16 x 16