Roman lorbeer (210-211) - Lorbeer olive oil laurel organic bio

Roman lorbeer (210-211)

2- Fragrances laurel Aleppo Soap: Roman lorbeer (210-211)


Lorbeer Aleppo Soap
Olive Oil Soap

Fragrance Aleppo soap was originally made before traditional Aleppo soap (olive oil &laurel oil) then ground as Noodles and perfumed to be re-pressed and formed in new molds

-We use perfumes of the best quality, international, cosmetic and luxurious brands.
Note: If you have a dry hair, you should brush immediately after the shower or you can use the Conditioner.
Lorbeer Aleppo Soap
Olive Oil Soap

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باركود التركيب وزن القطعة عدد القطع في الصندوق الوزن القائم للصندوق الأبعاد


Laurel Oil, & Olive Oil, luxury Laurel Fragrances Oils .

125 g


6 kg

41.5 x 16 x 16


Roman lorbeer (210-211) Roman lorbeer (210-211)