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Lorbeer Aleppo Soap

Info about old Aleppo soap:

Traditional Aleppo soap

- Traditional Aleppo soap 

made manually since more than 1000 years where it takes one year for production and drying : Aleppo soap composed of olive oil , laurel oil , manufactured materials and water only .The amount of olive oil and laurel oil range according to the quantity of added laurel oil which is in the range from 5 to 25%  that is excellent,  enough and larger amount is not  beneficial  .

- Fragrance Aleppo soap was originally made before traditional Aleppo soap then ground as Noodles and perfumed to be re-pressed and formed in new molds

-We use perfumes of the best quality, international, cosmetic and luxurious brands.

right side of the photo is the soap which cooked before one day

.The advantages and benefits of LORBEER Aleppo soap:

1- The Lorbeer Aleppo soap Company seeks to select the best quality oils from olive oils, laurel oils and other oils; it never uses cheated oils, non original oils such as lettuce or cucumber oils, or extracted oils which have no nutrients.

2-It introduces scientific methods in Aleppo soap production where the pH is reduced as much as possible. Several trials have been done in order to achieve the best quality under the supervision of many scientists at the best universities.

3-The production of liquid Aleppo soap (Bio/Herbal shampoo) from its solid form uses the best scientific methods in which the liquid Aleppo soap is kept in a stable condition to avoid separation of the oil from the other compounds.

4-It adopts a high level hygienic system in the factory as do the workers in the cleaning of the machines made from chrome. Also, specific hygienic care is taken to make sure the product is clean as is its packaging.

5-It introduces new industrial methods in forming new shapes and molds of Aleppo soap. Our company is the first to introduce intricately designed molds for the Aleppo soaps in which other companies copied soon after.

6-Its Aleppo soap include aromatic perfumes. It’s most successful perfumes are the oriental fragrances such as Ambar, Oud, Bakhour and Musk.

7-It is credible in the information where the content on the outer package matches that which is truly used in its production.

8-Its prices are well studied and reasonable based on the content

9-We promise ourselves and we promise you to develop the Aleppo soap in all its best aspects.

- Olive oil, laurel oil, water and manufactured raw materials of Aleppo soap are mixed in a bowl with a capacity of about 5 tons. The mixture is then boiled for 2 days and then it is drawn and poured on a paper which is laid over the ground. Here, the mixture thickens over the paper which is about 8 cm high. This height is determined manually. The mixture of Aleppo soap is then left to be cooled to the next day when it becomes coherent. This hardened mixture is cut with a special knife. In the evening of this day after the mixture is hardened and cut, it is stamped with the manufacturer's (producer’s) identity by a manual stamp, piece by piece. The Aleppo soap is taken and arranged on 3 or 4 stacks one over the other in long rows where they are left for another day until they are well hardened

-After that, the pieces are taken from these long rows and arranged in a form of a pyramid-like structure with some gaps left between adjacent pieces so the air can pass easily through them and make them dry. This structure is left for 5 to 12 months

-The production (cooking) of the Aleppo soap is made in the cold weather of the year for about 3 months only.

- In the past, before the Alepp soap production, the olive oil was mixed with sand to form a small piece to scratch the body and remove the dirt attached to it.


Info about old soap of Aleppo

-The left side of the  photo above is the Aleppo soap which is already cooked . then it is put on the paper to be cut and stamped
-The right side of the  photo above is the Aleppo soap which is cut and stamped the day before and then put  in long chains in order to rank, just as in the picture below
-The photo below shows the dry Aleppo soap after 5 long months of cooking.

Some questions about Aleppo soap.

Why does the color of Aleppo soap change from green to yellow?
Because Aleppo soap  is oxidized with the light

Why does Aleppo soap become soft after  using it?
Because Aleppo soap contains  olive oil and the particles of olive oil are soft, unlike palm oil.

Why  is no foam produced  from Aleppo soap or liquid Aleppo soap ?
The pH of Aleppo soap is more basic than  pH of the scalp oil. Therefore,when the Aleppo soap is first applied onto the scalp, no foam is produced.However, when the Aleppo soap applied onto the scalp for the second round, foam will be created our products are natural sa no sulfate laurel sodium (foam generator) used.


LORBEER Liquid laurel Aleppo soap.
Bio shampoo (liquid laurel Aleppo soap) there is no SLS sulfate laurel / lauryl sodium -anti dandruff.
Herbal shampoo (liquid laurel Aleppo soap) from olive oil and laurel oil - nourish and strengthen hair and skin.
Organic shampoo ( liquid laurel Aleppo soap ) there is no chemical, just natural materials -natural smooth and sheen hair.
 Liquid Aleppo Soap, olive oil shampoo Aleppo soap, bio shampoo Aleppo soap, organic shampoo Aleppo soap, olive shampoo Aleppo soap. 

Lorbeer Aleppo Soap
Laurel oil Aleppo soap as a natural disinfectant (sterilizer),
Almond oil Aleppo soap for healthy hair and skin.
Coconut oil Aleppo soap for anti dandruff.
Castor oil Aleppo soap as multi vitamins for hair and skin.
 Sesame oil Aleppo soap for smooth and sheen hair.
Black cumin oil Aleppo soap to nourish and strengthen hair and skin. 
Olive oil Aleppo soap helps remove fats from the head scalp.
Olive oil soap, olive soap, laurel oil soap, laurel soap.
Aleppo soap is handmade until now.
Lorbeer - Aleppo city- Syria. 

Our brands.
Lorbeer Aleppo soap, Castle Aleppo soap, Blooms Aleppo soap, Ancient Aleppo soap, Old mind Aleppo soap

Lorbeer Aleppo Soap

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